Aussies in UK

I know that there are many British in Australia, but I have never really looked into how many Aussies there are in Britain. (Britain or UK, I can never decide which to use).

The 2001 UK Census recorded 107,871 Australian-born people living in the UK.

The UK Office of National Statistics report: Population by Country of birth and nationality Jan10-Dec10 shows that about 112,000 Australian born people called the UK home in 2010.  Australians are the 17th largest group behind: India, Poland, Pakistan, Republic of Ireland, Germany, South Africa, Bangladesh, United States of America, Nigeria, Jamaica, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Philippines, China, Italy and Sri Lanka.  These are based on the “Estimated overseas-born population resident in the UK”.

The official figures showing “Estimated population of overseas nationals resident in the United Kingdom” is only 75,000 for Australians, placing them in 15th position.

So, we have about 112,000 Australian born in the UK, but only 75,000 of these are Australian nationals. ?

These figures do not seem unusual either, I checked another nationality, and came up with 123,000 Philippines born people resident in the UK, but with only 72,000 of them being Philippines nationals.



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