Agoda Booking Fees and Internet Prices

Have you ever booked a holiday online and compared hotel prices through the various different options?

Sometimes you think you have found a bargain, but then realise at the final payment stage that it wasn’t that good after all.

Agoda seem to be the master at this…

One hotel – three booking options

Internet Advertised prices, when searching via Google.

Agoda 1,705

booking 2,100

Direct 2,100

The second two options ended up at 2,100 each, with no extra charges.

But… Agoda add on hotel surcharges to that original low price, then add on taxes and then add on a booking fee, and then require FULL payment in advance!!

Total price is no longer the 1,705, it is now this:

Agoda Price Example

This particular hotel never actually charges a Service Charge, I am sure it is just a way for Agoda to make their prices LOOK cheaper.

But, the question is… Do Agoda, as some people say, Add on a booking charge AFTER you enter your credit card details.

Well, the charge ended up at USD 47.84 when I selected to pay via Paypal. They do ALL charges in USD no matter what currency you select.

So, I went back and changed the base currency to US$

Now it says the rack rate is USD 100.57, which is TWICE the hotels normal rate. I doubt if RACK rates are ever charged by anyone.

The Agoda rate is now USD38.83
This became USD47.84 after surcharges and taxes.

This is same as above. Therefore NO extra charges when paying by Paypal.


However, that USD47.84 would be 2,190 in the local currency, compared to booking direct for only 2,100.  And if you book direct, it is only 10% deposit, and refunds are easy, as you don’t pay till you get there 🙂

As things stand, I see nothing that confirms any charge made when paying by credit card.
I did book with them twice last year, but can’t recall the costs, nor can I find my receipts.

I do know that Agoda DO NOT refund, if the booking is done by them.
One of my own experiences confirmed that.

I stayed 1 night from a weeks accommodation, but left the next day as it was not what I thought.
The hotel normally refunded, but not when booked via Agoda, as they hadn’t been paid yet. It takes some time for Agoda to pay the hotels.
Agoda also refused to consider a refund.

Some hotels have NO REFUND policies on Agodas website, even though they do give refunds to non Agoda bookings.
I think I now understand why, especially as they only get between 70% and 85% of what the customer pays.

Note re the Hotels Obligations to Agoda:

All hotels that contract with agoda have to sign a ‘rate parity’ agreement, which means that they cannot offer the same accommodation at a cheaper rate via any other online agent, or via their own web-site. The penalty for breaching this contract is removal of the hotel from the agoda web-site.
Most other major travel web-sites, such as Expedia, also require a rate parity agreement.

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