A Primer on Prostate Cancer – The Empowered Patient’s Guide

A Primer on Prostate Cancer — The Empowered Patient’s Guide

Primer on Prostate Cancer: The Empowered Patient's GuideBy (author) Stephen B. Strum, and Donna Pogliano

A Primer on Prostate Cancer, [The Empowered Patient’s Guide] is a basic resource to be used by patients and physicians when there has been a diagnosis of prostate cancer.
It outlines a strategy of disease management that is designed to maximize outcomes for the patient and his loved ones. All aspects of diagnosis and testing are discussed; all currently approved treatments for prostate cancer are described. Discussion of treatment options includes information on side effects and includes questions the patient may not think to ask his doctor.
Discussions of various treatments include the salvage therapies that might be employed if primary treatment fails.

There is an extensive section on the theory and practice of androgen deprivation therapy in its various forms, since many patients have need of this type of information. There is a discussion of “Treatments on the Horizon” for the patient who is interested in the ongoing research in the world of prostate cancer. This is a current, comprehensive guide to prostate cancer presented in understandable terms with a user-friendly color format that will help the reader educate himself about prostate cancer.
The book strives to help patients and their loved ones to combat ignorance and fear, replacing that with the empowerment of education.

  • Publisher: Life Extension Media,U.S.
  • Published: 21 June 2006
  • Format: Paperback 124 pages
  • ISBN 13: 9780965877770
  • ISBN 10: 0965877779

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Eulexin (flutamide)
Lupron (leoprolide)

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