A Midsummer Tights Dream by Louise Rennison

A Midsummer Tights DreamA Midsummer Tights Dream
by Louise Rennison

Performing Arts college, here I come again! Hold on to your tights!! Because I’m holding on to mine, I can tell you.

Tallulah Casey is back and ready to Irish-comedy-dance her way through another term at Dother Hall, but now that she’s been officially admitted to the performing arts program, that won’t cut it anymore. Especially if she’s going to help raise enough money to keep the school from closing at the end of the year.

There are also some . . . distractions to worry about: The boys of Woolfe Academy are lingering about. And they are still boys, so they are “still” confusing.

Will Tallulah be able to test out her new snogging skills and ace her performance in this term’s project, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”? Only time and more Irish comedy dancing will tell.

Louise Rennison returns with her trademark sidesplitting humor, sending Tallulah and her mates on another riotously spectacular (mis)adventure.



  • Publisher: Harper Teen
  • Published: 26 June 2012
  • Format: Hardback 245 pages
  • ISBN 13: 9780061799365
  • ISBN 10: 006179936X


ISBN Title Format Date A$ US$ GB£ Date Priced
9780007156856 A Midsummer Tights Dream Paperback 2012 A$ 10.51 US$ 10.62 GB£ 6.64 12 Dec 2012
9780061799365 A Midsummer Tights Dream Hardback 2012 A$ 17.20 US$ 17.09 GB£ 10.68 12 Dec 2012


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