Wuhan City, COVID-19 Case and Death Ratio.

The Coronavirus fatality rate for Wuhan City is shown to be about 352 deaths per million population, as at 17 April 2020. That rate is somewhere between the 367 per million for Italy, and the 275 per million for France.

Wuhan is the central Chinese city that was the epicenter of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak

At 17th April 2020, the City of Wuhan has reported 50,333 confirmed cases and 3,869 confirmed deaths.

Wuhan City, with its population of 11 million, therefore shows a death rate of 352 per million population.

The total figures for China are 86,629 confirmed cases and 4,632 confirmed deaths.

Those figures show that Wuhan City has 58.1% of all the confirmed cases in China, but has 83.5% of all the confirmed deaths.

For comparison, the main deaths per million population rates, for countries that currently exceed 100 deaths per million are:

  • 445 Belgium
  • 413 Spain
  • 367 Italy
  • 275 France
  • 202 UK
  • 202 Netherlands
  • 149 Switzerland
  • 139 Sweden
  • 110 Luxembourg
  • 105 USA

59.1 - 831,827
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