US Police Shootings

A Washington Post investigation found that data reported to the FBI on fatal police shootings was undercounted by more than half.

That gap has widened in recent years. By 2021, only a third of departments’ fatal shootings appeared in the FBI database.

This is largely because local police departments are not required to report these incidents to the federal government.

The Washington Post began to log every person shot and killed by an on-duty police officer in the United States from 2015.

From “records of every person shot by an on-duty police officer since Jan. 1, 2015”…/police-shootings-database/

  • 95% are Male.
  • 50% are aged between 20 and 39, with the 30-34 age group being the highest.

Police Shootings by Race:

2015 to 2022.

  • 51% were white. (3,581)
  • 27% were black.(1,893)
  • 18% were Hispanic. (1,274)
  • 2% were Asian. (139)
  • 14% were other. (1,110)

88.1 - 833,275
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