Unlimited Internet in the Philippines with Fair Usage Policy

Unlimited Internet usage is very common in the Philippines, and the three main Internet providers all have low priced plans with Unlimited usage. But, is it really unlimited ?


Upon reaching the optimum volume allocation for a single user, the subscriber will still be able to enjoy unlimited access to the Internet, but at a lower speed. http://pldthome.com/mybroFUP


SuperSurf plans

Should you exceed the 800 MB per account peak capacity within the day, the service will be temporarily unavailable until end of day. http://wap.globe.com.ph/fairusepolicyfaqs2-2

WiMax Postpaid

512 Kbps: 1 GB per account per day
1 Mbps: 3 GB per account per day
2 Mbps: 5 GB per account per day

DSL Postpaid Plans

1 Mbps Service: 3 GB per account per day
5 Mbps Service: 10 GB per account per day


Smart Fair Use Policy allocates 1.5Gb per month of mobile browsing usage for you to enjoy Smart’s superior 3G/HSPA network. Subscribers who exceed the fair use allocation may experience reduction in speed for the duration of the billing cycle of their subscription. http://www1.smart.com.ph/help/postpaid/article/2012/03/08/postpaid-mobile-internet-fair-use-policy



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