United States Birth Tourism

US Cracking Down on Birth Tourism..

US consular officials are now (January 2020) allowed to deny a visa to any individual whose “primary purpose” in obtaining a visa is to give birth there.

The US is also tightening rules on those wishing to enter the US for medical treatment.

Visa applicants must now prove they have “the means and intent” to pay for their medical expenses, and convince a consular officer that they have arranged for a doctor willing to provide their treatment.

What is Birth Tourism.

Birth tourism is the practice of foreign nationals going to a specific country, such as the US, to specifically give birth on US soil, to ensure their children become American citizens.

They normally arrive on a tourist visa, hence Birth Tourism.

Most other countries have already changed their citizenship laws to stop that, and the US,  under Donald Trump, may be wanting to follow the same practice as most other countries.

Most countries only give citizenship to children born to citizens and permanent residents of their country.




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