The Philippines One Year Multiple Entry Tourist Visa


The Philippines One Year Multiple Entry Visa.

The one year multiple entry visa only lets you stay up to 59 days per visit.

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It is designed for frequent visitors, who stay for more than 30 days, but no more than 59 days at a time.

A visitor who stays for under 30 days on each visit does NOT need a visa. (this applies for most countries: see

A Visitor without a visa, who stays for more than 30 days needs to get a 29 day extension.

A Visitor who arrived with or without a visa, and who stays for more than 59 days, needs to get extensions to cover further periods of a single visit. These can be between 1 month and 6 month extensions.

Philippines Visa Extension Fees.

Current Adult rates at 4th February 2015

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3,030 peso for the 29 day first visa, to go up to 59 days for non visa holders, who had the 30 day visa waver.

Subsequent extensions (for all visa holders) are:

4,400 peso for 1 month extension
4,900 peso + US$50 for 1 month with ACR Card

4,900 peso for 2 months extension
5,400 peso + US$50 for 2 month with ACR Card

8,250 peso for 6 months extension
11,500 peso + US$50 for 6 month with ACR Card…/extension-of-authorized-stay-beyond-59-days

11.1 - 560,355

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