The Earl of Dumbarton, Who is it?

Who is the Earl of Dumbarton?

Some people immediately think of Archie, but Prince Harry is the current Earl of Dumbarton.

The Earl of Dumbarton is a title of Scottish nobility, referring to Dumbarton (Dùn Breatainn, Fortress of the Britons) in the area West Dunbartonshire, Scotland.

Archie would only receive that Title from Prince Harry.

The name Dumbarton comes from the language of the Gaelic-speaking Scots, and means fortress of the Britons.

Prince Harry, 36, was made Earl of Dumbarton after he married Meghan in 2018 and the title of Scottish nobility can be passed to his heir apparent, his son, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor.

Dumbarton Castle has the longest recorded history of any stronghold in Scotland, and is one of the local popular tourist attractions.

Why did the Earl of Dumbarton and Meghan decide that they did not want a title for Archie?

Wendy William, a US TV show host, said the following, mispronouncing the title as:

Earl of Dumberton.

“Look Harry and Meghan rejected the name Earl of ‘Dumberton’ for Archie and I suspect you know because the Queen is a mean b**** behind the scenes…they were like what title can we give this Black boy…’Dumberton'”.  Google results for “Wendy William dumb”

You can check the correct pronunciation at

Archie the Son of the Earl of Dumbarton.

Archie Son of the Earl of Dumbarton

She probably didn’t even know that Harry is the current Earl of Dumbarton, and she also is not able to pronounce the name correctly.

She also obviously is very ill-informed about the title, and that fact that there would have been no discussion about choosing a title for Archie.  It is hereditary, unless they chose not to have a title for him, which they did in 2018.

In May 2019, when he was born (6th May 2019) it was stated that he will be known as Master Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, as his parents chose not to give him a title.

22nd October 2018 ELLE Magazine

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Child Will Not Have A Royal Title For A Very Good Reason.. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are hell-bent on giving their child a ‘normal’ life.

If Meghan gives birth to a baby boy come spring 2019, he is set to inherit the title Earl of Dumbarton. If Meghan gives birth to a girl (as Harry apparently wants) she could be named Lady Mountbatten-Windsor, with her future sons (Harry and Megan’s grandchildren), being Lord Mountbatten-Windsor.

8th May 2019, Time Magazine

As Prince Harry’s first-born son, Archie should receive the title Earl of Dumbarton, one of Prince Harry’s subsidiary titles.

But as of Wednesday, the royal family announced his name without an affixed title, indicating that the Duke and Duchess wish for him to have a more normal and private life.

“Harry and Meghan have been very keen to promote this idea that they want absolute privacy for their child. It’s much easier to have a private life without a title.” According to Victoria Arbiter, a royal expert and commentator for CNN.

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