Taxis in Cebu, Philippines

Many Taxi drivers in Cebu, at least on Mactan Island, are not very talkative, as we have experienced from our recent 4 weeks here.

However, a BIG thumbs up for the driver of taxi number 8278.  He spoke the national language, Filipino (Tagalog) extremely well.

That was the first decent conversation I had heard in a taxi since leaving Palawan.  I still didn’t understand much myself, but when I heard the word “Corruption” I knew the topic of conversation… Government Departments 😉

I do like how about 10% or even more, of Tagalog is in English 🙂  Taglish is the other name I think…

Yesterday was a strange day for Taxis and co-incidences.

Two Taxi drivers both spoke Tagalog (the first in 4 weeks)

Both of those Taxi meters stopped at 113.50 pesos for each different trip.

None of the taxi drivers tried to overcharge or ask for more, none turned off the meter to decide his own price, and they all took the normal, fastest, route.

The 3rd taxi driver, on the way back, covering the same route as the first two trips combined, cost us 220 pesos, but he wasn’t able to communicate, as he only spoke Cebuano.

It was a good day 🙂

In case you are interested in knowing what the taxi prices were for:

Airport Area to Bureau of Immigration – 5.5km

Bureau of Immigration to Ayala Centre-  6.0 km

Ayala centre to Airport Area – 11.5km

Map of Route

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73.1 - 821,868
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