Swiss Cheese on Toast to a Filipino

It was Spring when I arrived in Australia. We don’t have that in the Philippines, so I was excited to experience how a Spring is really like. It was sunny but I had to wear a jumper, and I loved it. It was new to me!

Everything was actually new to me – The cleanliness, the traffic, the houses, the people, Everything! And everything exceeded my expectation until it was lunch time.

Because I was a visitor, I expected that I would be offered a very nice lunch.

A slice of bread with melted cheese on top was offered to me. In my mind, I was wondering if that is all we will have for lunch as I’ve always been used to a heavy lunch, back in the Philippines.

Time to taste the what they call, Swiss cheese on toast. First bite was just fine. The second bite was tolerable. The third until the last bite was awful. I didn’t like it very much, and that was enough reason for me to almost decide to go back to the Philippines. A special lunch for many but it was a horrible one for me.

I learned from this experience that adjusting is never always easy especially when it’s about something that you’ve never prepared yourself for. But I’ve also realized that as long as you’re tolerant of something, you will be fine.

But… am I ready to try it again ??


Jul 18, 2013

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