SMF Forum – More Stats page 404 error

Have you ever had a problem losing your statistics page on the Simple Machines Forum ?

The one that you get to by clicking the [more stats] link in this picture

SMF more stats 404 error

This happened with me quite some time back, but today I was creating a new forum, and it happened again after installing some mods.

I got the answer this time, and it is an EASY FIX, once we find out how.

The [More Stats] link, after installing the “Pretty URLs’ mod, changes from to and of course this page does not exist, so you get a 404 error.

The URL Re-write action changes the index.php?action=stats to just stats, because it wasn’t told NOT to.

So we tell it NOT to do that.

Go to Configuration, in the admin section, and click on “Pretty URLs”, then click on the image of a cog that represents “Settings”

You will now see this

You will see that I have entered the page title “stats” into the section to be skipped.

Click on save changes, down the bottom, and hey presto; it fixed mine 🙂

Hope it does the same for yours.

This was on SMF 2.0 RC4

But on SMF 2.0 RC3 there is a different option, which you can see this in the following picture:

See how the Actions in this configuration is not ticked, leaving those as they originally were.  if you ticked that option, then you would again lose the ability to view the stats via that link.

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