Should Women be Treated as Equals to Men ?

The Independent Liberal Democrat Baroness Louise Tonge, apparently feels that Women should NOT be treated equally.

She has accused the new Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, about his year of insults and abuse that have been hurled at the last Australian Prime Minister, a Woman!

Yes, it was the prime minister of Australia trying to wipe out a year of insults and abuse that have been hurled at a woman prime minister by members of parliament in a developed country,” she told the House of Lords.
“What example is that to male politicians all over the world – particularly in developing countries – that it is OK to be macho, abusive and insulting to women.”

It appears that she (The Baroness), feels that women should be shielded from these insults etc., that are commonplace in the Political arena. Kevin Rudd for example was never shy in insulting other Male politicians.  And one must remember that Julia Gillard was Kevin Rudds friend, until she stabbed him in the back. (If a woman, or a man, stabs a friend in the back, what do they expect?)

  • Does the Baroness really feel that Women are not as capable of defending their own positions in parliament, in the same way that men have to?
  • Does she feel that women need to be treated specially, like princesses ?

She obviously thinks it is OK for women to enter Politics, but that they need special protection.

Equality means EQUAL. The same Good, as the Bad.

By all means target ALL insults, as all Politicians should act with decency, and set a GOOD example to us all.

But by effectively saying it is ONLY WOMEN that deserve respect… well…
Any Women, (or Man), that says only one sex deserves something, is discriminating.

  • How many women agree that Women in Business need more protection than Men ?
  • Do they also agree that that those women that need more protection than men, are therefore not equal to the man ?

There is of course the possibility that the news report I saw this in, misquoted everything, in which case.. oops.

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Where was Baroness Louise Tonge, when Kevin Rudd needed protection from a lying scheming Politician that promised him support until the day before the knives came out?

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