President Trump and NATO

Does Donald Trump want out of NATO?..

It appears that Donald Trump has NEVER said that he wants out of NATO

Trump’s main criticisms of NATO, which now has 28 member nations, are that the alliance no longer serves its founding purpose and that it is too costly to the U.S., which pays about 22 percent of direct spending by NATO, the most of any nation, according to budget information. The U.S. also pays a much larger portion of the organization’s indirect costs, according to NATO.

Europe however appears to want to be out of NATO, and wants to create its own Army, has done for years.

Nov 2016 Juncker calls for an EU army | DW.COM

Oct 2016 Germany moves to run its own EU army – leaving both Brussels & NATO in new crisis

June 2015 EU needs European army that EXCLUDES UK/p>

Dec 2013 David Cameron fights off EU army plan

Who said that Trump wants out of NATO?

Hilary Clinton, on March 28, 2016, said that Trump “wants us to pull out of NATO.”
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