New Zealand: National Minimum Wage 2013

The New Zealand National Minimum Wage rates are reviewed every year, with effect from the 1st April each year.

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As at 1 April 2013 the adult minimum wage rates (before tax) are:

Age Over 16

  • $13.75 an hour or $550.00 for a 40-hour week.

New entrants, and employees on the training minimum wage (before tax), are:

  • $11.00 an hour or $440.00 for a 40-hour week.

The new entrants minimum wage applies to employees aged 16 and 17, except for those who have completed 200 hours or three months of employment in the workforce, whichever is shorter; or who are supervising or training other workers; or who are trainees

From 1 May 2013 the starting-out wage will replace the new entrants wage and training wage for under-20s.

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The new entrants wage will no longer be an option for employers, however those paying their employees on this rate can continue to do so until their employees have completed the lesser of 200 hours or 3 months continuous employment.
Sixteen to 19-year-old trainees who were on the training minimum wage before 1 May 2013 continue on the same wage rate.


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