Money Lending in the Philippines

I came across the term Bombay 5-6 recently, and it turned out to be a term for Money Lending in the Philippines that targets those who cannot borrow from normal sources.

The 5-6 relates to the financial basics of the lending rate.

They lend you 5 and you repay them 6.  Normally within 40 days.  This works out at a flat rate of 20%.

What exactly is a FLAT RATE of Interest ?

Flat Rate = the rate of  interest that is charged on the original balance, and doesn’t decrease with the balance over time.

How does that compare to an APR rate?

APR = Annual Percentage Rate, where the interest charged decreases in proportion to the balance.

So: A 20% Flat Rate for a 40 day term equals an APR of:  176.12%

WOW !!

No wonder the cheaper lenders are so popular with an APR rate of only 90%, or 10% Flat rate.

But, just to put some perspective on this… a standard Home Loan may only costs about 9.5% APR. But only available to those with a good credit standing.

90.1 - 826,545
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