Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Edition Download

Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Edition is a free version of Office 2010 that is NOT available for download, but is now available pre-loaded on many new computers.

This starter version has advertising down the right hand side, taking up about 20% of the screen space. This would be very inconvenient on small screens, and I have seen many people annoyed by this. However, as it is FREE it shouldn’t be too annoying.

I also think it runs a bit slower than the full version, but again probably designed that way to allow people to experience the program, and then BUY the full, better, version.

Office Starter 2010

  • Microsoft Office Starter 2010 is a new productivity suite consisting of limited-functionality versions of Word and Excel and including advertising.
  • It does not include PowerPoint or Outlook.
  • It is designed for home users who are not ready to buy a full version of Office 2010.
  • Microsoft Office Starter 2010 is available only on new PCs when preloaded in conjunction with the Office Single Image containing all three Office suites ready for end-user activation.
  • It will not be sold through distribution or available to end users as a standalone product.
  • End users must purchase a Product Key to activate the full Office 2010 functionality.
  • Office Starter 2010 is not a trial–it has a perpetual license that does not expire.


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