Median House Prices in Manila, Philippines

Median House Prices Metro Manila, Philippines..

A report from Lamudi, a large Philippine property advertising site, showing the cheapest and most expensive suburbs in Metro Manila has shown us the following top four Manila Cities. For comparison to Australian readers, I have also shown the equivalent Australian converted $ value for each of these four.

The information does show that not all Philippine property is cheap, and some of it is VERY expensive, with the most expensive property advertised being nearly 2 billion pesos (A$50 million)


Median House Price City A$
PHP 130,000,000 Makati  $                            3,714,286
PHP 34,000,000 Taguig  $                                971,429
PHP 31,750,000 Muntinlupa  $                                907,143
PHP 29,000,000 Mandaluyong  $                                828,571

 Yes, the median house price in Makati City is HIGHER than Australias most expensive suburb, Mosman, with its median house price of $2,445,183


The lowest median priced area in these figures from thirteen of the Metro Manila Cities is Caloocan City, the third most populous city in the Philippines.


Median House Price City A$
PHP 787,750 Caloocan  $                                  22,507

Many people consider the Philippines to have very low property prices, and YES, this is often true, but… what are these properties really like.

An example of a Caloocan City property is this one for PHP 435,000, about A$12,500

It is currently advertised for sale using this photo for its advertising.



1,117.1 - 833,291
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