Homeland: The TV Series on DVD

A Selection of DVD and Blu-Ray for the Homeland TV series..

Homeland Series One

Hailed as TV’s best new drama by critics everywhere, the award-winning Homeland delivers compelling characters, thrilling twists and breathtaking suspense. Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), a brilliant but volatile CIA agent, suspects that a rescued American POW may not be what he seems. Is Marine Sgt. Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) a war hero… or an Al Qaeda sleeper agent plotting a spectacular terrorist attack on U.S. soil? Following her instincts, Mathison will risk everything to uncover the truth her reputation, her career and even her sanity. Packed with multiple layers and hidden clues, Season One offers something new every time you see it… watch carefully.

Homeland: Series 1

Homeland: Season 1 [Region 1]
Homeland: Season 1 [Region 2]
Homeland: Season 1 [Region 4]
Homeland: Season 1 [Region B] [Blu-ray]

Homeland Series One and Two

Homeland: Season 1-2 [Region 2]
Homeland: Season 1-2 [Region B] [Blu-ray]

Homeland Series Two

Carrie continues her hunt for terrorist leader Abu Nazir while maintaining a complicated relationship with Brody that straddles the line between personal and professional; Brody is nailed as a terrorist by Carrie and forced to become a double agent; Jessica Brody struggles to keep her family in tact despite increasing difficulty connecting with her husband; Saul discovers a clandestine plot developed by CIA chief David Estes.

Homeland: Season 2

Homeland: Season 2 [Region 1]
Homeland: Season 2 [Region 1]
Homeland: Season 2 [Region 2]
Homeland: Season 2 [Region 4]
Homeland: Season 2 [Region B] [Blu-ray]
Homeland: Season 2 [Region 4] [Blu-ray] 

Homeland Series Three

All 12 episodes from the third season of the critically acclaimed US drama centred around the lives of former US Marine Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) and CIA agent Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes). After the bombing of the CIA headquarters of Langley, Brody is declared missing and deemed the prime suspect for the attack. As Carrie is suspected of helping Brody carry out the attack she is placed in a psych ward where mental health professionals can keep an eye on her. The plot thickens as Brody is rescued by a Venezuelan drug gang who take him in and make him one of their own. The episodes are: ‘Tin Man Is Down’, ‘Uh… Oh… Ah…’, ‘Tower of David’, ‘Game On’, ‘The Yoga Play’, ‘Still Positive’, ‘Gerontion’, ‘A Red Wheelbarrow’, ‘One Last Thing’, ‘Good Night’, ‘Big Man in Tehran’ and ‘The Star’.

Homeland: Season 3

Homeland: Season 3 [Region 2]
Homeland: Season 3 [Region 4]
Homeland: Season 3 [Region B] [Blu-ray]

Homeland Series One, Two and Three

Homeland: Series 1-3 [Region 2]

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