Get Windows 10 for Free

Microsoft will launch Windows 10 on July 29..

The GWX campaign began on June 1st 2015. (GWX= Get Windows 10)

That date begins a one-year window during which free upgrades will be available to anyone running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1

Free Windows 10  YES

Are you eligible ?

If you see this icon at the bottom right of your screen you can click it to apply:

Get Windows 10

Then follow the instructions to set up your computer to be updated at the relevant time, decided by Microsoft.

You will see this screen plus another FOUR.

Free Windows 10

Your Computer may already have some files ready for Windows 10, in the GWX (Get Windows 10) folder, as shown in this file manager screen shot.

This is a screenshot from my Windows 7 file manager showing the GWX folder. It shows the new folder under the System32 folder.

Windows 10 on Win7

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