Fukushima two years after the nuclear crisis

Two years ago on the 11th March 2011, the devastating earthquake, and the resulting tsunami struck Japan, and this resulted in the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

48 out of Japan’s 50 nuclear reactors have remained offline since that then, due to the debate over the future of nuclear energy.

Ceremonies took place in the three worst-hit prefectures where rebuilding is still being done at a very slow pace, and where tens of thousands of people still remain displaced, and over two thousand are still classed as missing.

More than 18,000 people were left dead or missing in the disaster

The three main areas of Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima were totally devasted with deaths reported as:
9,512 Miyagi
4,670 Iwate
1,605 Fukushima

Another 6,000 were injured, with still 3,282 missing after one year.

The most affected area of Miyagi is still reporting over 1,300 people as missing, but haven’t found any more bodies in the last year.

34.1 - 826,545
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