A possible virus by the name of “” made an appearance on one of our computers today.

A few quick checks, and it appears to be a fake virus.  the information I was given was that a virus checker was somehow run, finding 324 trogans, and then the virus.

A Google search appears to say this is not real, so I advised that the computer was turned off, until I can look at it later. shows this as: “a threat detected by a “My Computer Online Scan,” a fake security scanner website that pose as a Windows Explorer and deceive computer users of its scary alert messages” and a low security level.

Symantec shows many comments on this specific problem which indicates it may be a pain in the backside.

Malwarebytes has a tool that can identify and remove malicious software that appears to work for this.

And from Virus Removal GuruMy Online Computer Scan is generally a pop up advertisement which hopes to promote a fake antivirus application, such as System Security.”  This also shows a download link for a removal tool.

Cnet has some interesting comments on this “virus”

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