Dips and Nibbles

Some ideas for Dips and Nibbles, from one of my Australian Forums.

Temptation Bakeries (Woolies or Coles) make tiny little cocktail quiches (freezer section) about  20 in a pack.

Get some of that thin thin lavash type or mountain bread and either:

  • Cut it into strips about 3 inches by 1 inch and place in the oven for about 5 mins to make them crispy then put with dips: hoummous, baba ganouch , Tszatziki dips (Chris’ dips or Black Swan best) and some dolmades cut in half on sticks and an olive and cube of fetta on a stick for a Lebanese type spread, could also get some Haloumi and cut into strips and lightly fry, blot and sprinkle with lemon or lime juice. (It goes hard and is easily picked up as finger food)  You can buy tiny falafel balls (freezer section of shops that sell organic and “health” foods) or get a pack of falafel mix and make your own (bake in oven it’s easy and less greasy).


  • Spread with ricotta, alfalfa sprouts and cucumber, a little mango chutney and some grated carrot, roll up then slice into thin rounds.

Buy a selection of different sushi rolls and slice them up into little rounds.

Melon balls and fetta cheese (need a fairly firm one) on sticks – the combination of salt and sweet/watery is lovely) You could add semi-dried tomatoes cut into thin strips and coiled round.

An olive sourdough stick thinly sliced and toasted lightly and drizzled with olive oil and one of the many different pesto sauces – you can get rocket based ones (which are a blast – sorry Cheesy ) or sundried tomato ones.

So you have Lebanese, Italian and Japanese…that should keep you going…

Oh and I almost forgot – chick peas! I LOVE chick peas

  • Soak overnight then leave out in a sprouter or on a sieve or in a jar to sprout for a day (watch because if left too long they go slimy and sour) but they are  DELICIOUS.
  • Bake in the oven (don’t soak first) with some tamari and a little olive oil sprinkled over.

Either way they are great with drinks as a change from nuts and still very more-ish.

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