Date Format in AWPCP

The date format in the WP Plugin AWPCP Classifieds Management System is the American date format m/d/y.

To change to the UK format of d/m/y you need to locate the following code, in the file named: awpcp.php and change it to the replacement code.

Original code:

New code:

This is a temporary fix, and would probably need changing everytime the plugin is upgraded, as any upgrades will renew the awpcp.php file.

Note that I have changed the month letter from a small ‘m’ to a capital ‘M’, this is to avoid the following confusion:

Using “d/m/Y” would show 5/6/2010
That could be taken as saying the 5th of the 6th month, or the 6th of the 5th month.

Using “d/M/Y” it would show as 5/Jun/2010

An easy fix that may as well be done.

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