Capitol Assassination Charges in United States.

The United States now says there is no direct evidence of ‘kill capture teams’ at the Capitol invasion.

Federal prosecutors previously said there was evidence that rioters intended ‘to capture and assassinate’ officials.

14th January 2021

Federal prosecutors, when asking a judge to detain Jacob Chansley, said they had “Strong evidence, including Chansley’s own words and actions at the Capitol, supports that the intent of the Capitol rioters was to capture and assassinate elected officials in the United States government.”

In the filing, they said Chansley left a note for Pence warning that “it’s only a matter of time, justice is coming.”

16 January 2021

The top federal prosecutor in Washington, DC has said there is no direct evidence to suggest that rioters who stormed the US Capitol had formed “kill capture teams”.

These latest comments by acting US Attorney Michael Sherwin, appeared to be an effort to walk back claims federal prosecutors in Arizona had made in a court filing late on Thursday, in which they alleged there was evidence that rioters intended “to capture and assassinate elected officials”.

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