Brexit: What Happens to Europeans Living in UK after Brexit

What Happens to Europeans Living in UK after Brexit?..

Will Europeans be kicked out of UK once the UK leaves the EU?

That is to be decided by Europe.

If the EU agrees to allow the British in Europe to stay there, then the UK appears to be happy to reciprocate.

However, the EU has so far not been prepared to commit to anything, and it will need the agreement of all EU countries.

Hence, the answer from the UK will wait until the EU decides. And the EU has said no discussions until after article 50, and only then will the EU start to try to get their decision worked out.

  • the Prime Minister is reluctant to give guarantees before the status of 900,000 Britons currently living on the continent are assured

Mrs May has promised to reach a deal with her EU counterparts about their status ‘as soon as we can’ and in a private meeting with Tory MPs Mr Davis sought to reassure them by saying ‘only a couple’ of EU countries were blocking a deal.

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