Ben 10 Action Figures

I realised that I am out of touch with childrens toys these days when my 5 year old nephew was asking for Ben 10 action figures today.

“Ben 10?” I said. And of course, the facial reaction from a 5 year old would effectively be saying: “Yes, Ben 10, don’t you know anything?”

So I have to assume that the “Teletubbies” days have gone, and I had to research.

My first port of call was Ben 10 at where I get an idea of what is available together with prices.

A DVD to keep him occupied seemed like a good option, Ben 10: The Complete Season 1:

Then I saw one that he had pointed out on the TV, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien – Ampfibian:

Lego looks like a good option too.. LEGO Ben 10 Alien Force Swampfire (8410):

This is all making me think about my childhood.  So, so different.  Two tin cans and a piece of string kept us amused for weeks.

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