Balay de la Rama Bed and Breakfast, Daraga, Legazpi, Bicol

The Balay de la Rama Bed and Breakfast is a great little guesthouse in the Daraga area of Legazpi, just 10 minutes from Mount Mayon.

Very comfortable rooms, especially the upstairs one at the back of the house with the balcony and the view of the Mount Mayon Volcano. (The most active volcano in the Philippines) I stayed for two nights, and was very glad I chose this location. I was a bit concerned when I arrived at the address, but once inside the gate, and on entering the house, my reservations went away.

The staff are all very nice with good English, so no problems. Breakfast is eaten downstairs at the one table, seating six. You sit down and get served a cooked Filipino breakfast. Coffee is available at almost all times, and you can even grab a San Miguel if you feel like one, at a low cost.

This bed and breakfast has a FREE WIFI in the rooms, on the balconies and the gardens, and it works… I am creating this page from my room here, the one with the view of the Mayon volcano, right now. It isn’t as good as my home Internet, but for a free WiFi in the Philippines it is nothing to complain about, except when I lose the connection 😉  But then again, I am on holiday 🙂


Mayon Volcano from Balay de la Rama using zoom

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