Average UK Wage and Salary

Average Wages in the United Kingdom..

UK Full Time Incomes are now at £585 per week.. or is that £681 per week.  The answer depends on which average figure you look at: Median or Mean.

Median weekly earnings for full-time employees reached £585 (£30,420 pa) in April 2019, an increase of 2.9% since April 2018.
Mean average weekly earnings for full-time employees reached £681 (£35,423 pa) in April 2019.

Men aged between 40 and 49 earned the most at a median of £707.70 a week (£36,800)

Chief executives and senior officials earn a median of £97,000.
Medical practitioners earn a median of £75,855.
Marketing and sales directors earn £75,126.
IT and telecommunications directors earn a median of £72,109.
Legal professionals earn a median of £69,992.

Average salary (mean) in the UK for men and women combined was £29,009

Full-time was £35,423.
Part-Time was £12,083.

Median full-time gross weekly earnings by region.

£736.50 London
£613.50 South East England
£584.90 United Kingdom overall average
£581.10 East England
£576.70 Scotland
£552.50 West Midlands
£551.40 South West England
£549.80 North West England
£538.10 Yorkshire and the Humber
£535.10 East Midlands England
£535.00 Wales
£534.60 Northern Ireland
£533.00 North East England

Source: Office of National Statistics figures for April 2019 (www.ons.gov.uk)


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