Anti-mask rally organiser, dies of Covid.

Anti-mask rally organiser, Caleb Wallace, from Texas, United States, has died from COVID-19 after refusing to be tested, or see a doctor because he didn’t want to be part of COVID-19 statistics.

He had previously stated these words.
“I care more about freedom than I do for your personal health.”

Caleb Wallace Covid-19

Even while experiencing symptoms from late July, he chose to live life without restriction. Restrictions that are in place to protect others from being infected, and possible death.

The 30 year old Caleb Wallace, an organizer of the San Angelo Freedom Defenders, said his group was “fed up” with mandatory coronavirus precautions and had organised a rally to fight for “the basic rights of breathing free air, moving about freely, going into businesses without being harassed about a mask.”

Effectively wanting people to be free to spread Covid-19 in his community, at the risk of other peoples deaths.

According to his family’s GoFundMe page, Caleb Wallace died 28th August 2021, after weeks on a ventilator at a San Angelo hospital.

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