Guimaras Island, Western Visayas, Philippines 5046

Guimaras is an island province located in the Western Visayas, Philippines, a short distance from Iloilo City, The distance from Guimaras to Iloilo City is 23km via ferry.

Guimaras is home of the famous and the best export-quality mangoes in the Philippines.

Mango plantations bearing their golden fruits are scattered in the island.

Aside from mangoes, kalamansi and cashew nuts are also abundant.

Moreover, the seas of Guimaras teem with fresh fishes, shellfishes, and lobsters.

Guimaras also produces a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, orchids, and root crops. source

Map Guimaras to SM City Iloilo City

Guimaras To SM City, Iloilo City

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