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Should the UK should allow EU nationals to vote  

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Jeremy Corbyn (Labour Leader) wants Citizens from EU countries to vote in the next British General Election.


When Jeremy Corbyn wanted Citizens from EU countries to vote in the next British General Election, it was so that foreign citizens could join with the minority of British Citizens who wanted to Remain in Europe, and choose British Members of Parliament (who SHOULD dedicate their services to the British) who are more interested in being part of Europe..

Fortunately Deputy Speaker Lindsay Hoyle rejected the bid to EU nationals a vote in the British General Election, saying: “There would be between 2.4 million to 3 million people added to the electoral roll at the last minute“.

No other EU country allows non citizens to vote for their government.

Look at France as an example, when asked if Non French Citizens living in France should be able to vote in their National Election. The answer was NON:

  • The current laws allow citizens from EU countries to vote in European and local elections but not national ones.
  • So Brits, Irish, Germans or Spanish plying their trades in France get a say over who the local mayor is but will have no influence over who will be France’s president nor who will stand in parliament.

Some people feel it should be done to remove power from the British people themselves, in their own country.

Posted : 04/11/2019 1:01 pm
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