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The Abdication of King Edward VIII

Why did King Edward VIII Abdicate?

On 20 January 1936, Edward (born 23 June 1894), the son of King George V, ascended the throne as King Edward VIII.

King Edward VIII abdicated on 11th December 1936, due to the fact that he wanted to marry an American commoner who was also a divorcee. Simpson was also suspected of passing information to her former lover, the NAZI Joachim von Ribbentrop, who at one stage convinced Hitler that he had Edward’s support.

Why did the USA enter World War II

Why did the USA enter World War II?
That is a question that I hear every now and again. With some people saying that the USA should not have joined in a European war.
Most of the US did not actually want to join a European War, and they avoided it for as long as possible.