Mar 01 2015

Poverty Level Australia 2014

How little do you have to be receiving to be be considered BELOW the poverty line in Australia

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures for 2012:

To be considered “below the poverty line”, the incomes must be BELOW:

$840.60 per week: Couple with 2 children $43,711 per year
$640.40 per week: Lone parent with 2 children $33,301 per year
$600.40 per week: Couple only $31,221 per year
$400.30 per week: Lone person $20,816 per year

Some statistics

2,548,496 Australians (13.9%) live below the poverty line.  602,604 of these are children.

61.2% of all unemployed are below the poverty line.

33.2% of people below the poverty line came from a household with wages as their main income, and have a total income of under $841 pw ($43,732 per year)

1 in 6 Australian children live under the poverty line, the same level as in Japan.

Source: http://www.acoss.org.au/images/uploads/ACOSS_Poverty_in_Australia_2014.pdf

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