Aug 15 2009

Newspaper Circulation Figures

British Daily Newspaper circulation figures, Dec 2008:

    2,899,310 The Sun
    2,139,178 The Daily Mail
    1,346,916 Daily Mirror
    824,244 The Daily Telegraph
    728,296 Daily Express
    725,671 Daily Star
    600,962 The Times
    435,319 Financial Times
    349,235 Daily Record
    343,010 The Guardian
    200,242 The Independent

10,592,383 Average daily circulation for December 2008
The average daily circulation for December 2007 was: 11,163,427, a drop of 5.12% over the year.

Australian Daily Newspaper circulation figures, 2006:

    554,700 The Herald Sun
    396,497 The Daily Telegraph
    216,075 The Courier-Mail
    212,078 The Sydney Morning Herald
    205,610 The West Australian
    201,000 The Age
    195,903 The Advertiser
    131,538 The Australian
    86,182 The Financial Review
    48,886 The Mercury
    36,027 The Canberra Times
    21,172 The N.T. News

2,305,668 Average Daily Circulation


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