Is the term “illegal alien” the Correct Term or is it Racist?

Illegal Alien or Undocumented Alien or ??

I’ve been reading that many people feel that the term ‘illegal alien’ is Racist, and wondered how Americans feel when being described as illegal Aliens in the Philippines, when they overstay their visa’s.  Do they also consider it racist?

Who does actually consider it Racist and Why?

Some Activists say that No human being is illegal, but is that true?  Many countries will imprison or deport people having entered their country illegally.

Some like to say the term ‘Illegal Alien’ is negative because it describes a person doing something wrong, others say it is correct, because it describes a person doing something wrong.

Some say that ‘Illegal Alien’ has become synonymous with ‘Mexican’, but try telling that to the American Citizens being labelled as ‘Illegal Aliens’ in the Philippines. Maybe some other countries call people who enter their country illegally “Illegal’ also.

Philippines Illegal Aliens:

Commissioner Siegfred Mison to Illegal Aliens: Legalize your Stay Philippines Bureau of Immigration

More than 1M foreigners stay as illegal aliens in the Philippines. Kicker Daily News, Quezon City, Philippines

United States Aliens:

Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) ACT 101 – Sec. 101. [8 U.S.C. 1101] (a) (3) The term “alien” means any person not a citizen or national of the United States. Source:

United Kingdom Aliens:

Aliens are normally considered to be people from Outer Space

Undocumented Alien

These are Aliens (see above: US version) without any documents. They may have lost the documents, but still be legal?


An Immigrant is a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country with all relevant Visas.

Illegal Immigrant

An Illegal Immigrant is a person who comes to try to live permanently in a foreign country without the correct Visas, illegally..

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