EU Citizens in UK and Guarantees for Future after Brexit

Should the UK Guarantee EU Citizen rights to stay in UK even though the EU can’t do so yet.

Conservative backbencher Sir Edward Leigh has told ministers, during Home Office questions in the House of Commons, that they might as well offer a guarantee for EU Nationals to be allowed to stay after Brexit, even if the EU can’t give the same reciprocal guarantee for UK citizens in the EU, until all EU countries have agreed to it.

Sir Edward Leigh said: “It seems to me we might as well acknowledge this fact now whilst reserving the right – if in the extremely unlikely possibility of our EU partners deporting any UK citizens – which they won’t for the same practical reasons – we can change our minds, but let’s at least reassure these people now.”

In response, Home Secretary Amber Rudd said: “You make a very fair observation about the reality of the situation.” But also went on to say:  “I would however point out to him as he seeks the assurance and the certainty that the EU citizens want who are here I seek it too for the UK citizens who are in other parts of the EU.”

Maybe Sir Edward Leigh is right, Offer that the right to stay will be guaranteed and will be passed as law at the same time as the UK Citizens are give the same by Europe.  That way, the decision to return people will actually be in the hands of the EU.  ie: People will be allowed to stay unless the EU stops it.

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