Donald Trumps Tax Returns. Why No Leaks?

Have Donald Trumps Tax Returns been Leaked?

Many people are asking for other people to break the law, and release information about Donald Trumps Personal Tax Returns.

It is an interesting question about why no one has leaked anything, but maybe the risk of losing their jobs makes it too high a risk. Maybe the ones in the Tax Department, that have seen it, don’t want to because they are law abiding people, and just don’t want to lose their jobs.

The people who could leak this information are the IRS employees with access to such a sensitive return as Donald Trumps. It would be high ranking IRS officials looking at his returns, and I am sure that info would have been passed to some high ranking oversight system somewhere, before the Election.

I find it inconceivable that if the IRS had found something in Donald Trumps Tax Return really is dynamite, as some seem to imagine, they would do nothing about it.

If you worked in the IRS, would YOU be happy to risk your job, and court action, just to release something that may prove nothing?
IF the tax returns really did have some drastic implications, then I am sure someone would, maybe even you, for the good of the country.
BUT… if it was clean, and no story, would you still risk your job for no real headlines?

Maybe this Headline:

IRS employee leaks Trumps Tax return and loses job, but nothing wrong is found in the leaked tax return. Trump is Clean.

Would it be worth risking everything for that? Maybe that’s why nothing has been leaked?

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