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GDP in the UK from 2014

UK GDP in £ millions during 2014 to 2017

£477,152 – 2016 Q1. An increase of 0.16% for the 3 months
£479,682 – 2016 Q2. An increase of 0.53% for the 3 months
£481,524 – 2016 Q3. An increase of 0.38% for the 3 months
£484,268 – 2016 Q4. An increase of 0.57% for the 3 months
£485,509 – 2017 Q1. An increase of 0.26% for the 3 months
£486,914 – 2017 Q2. An increase of 0.29% for the 3 months
£488,862 – 2017 Q3. An increase of 0.40% for the 3 months

The British Pound After Brexit

The value of the British Pound (GBP) After Brexit.
Holidays to Mexico seem like a great opportunity at the moment, for those looking for overseas travel. Only an extra 1.75% increase in costs due to the FX rate.
Holidays to Australia don’t look as good as they were, with a 14.37% increase in costs due to the FX rate.

European Union: Winners and Losers Financially

The EU receives funds from each of its member countries, and then divides these funds, as grants and benefits to those member countries that require them. Some countries now pay in much more than they receive while others receive back much more than they put in.
The following figures show the Net Amount of Benefit or Net Cost, per country, between 2010 and 2014, in millions of Euros

European Union GDP per Capita 1973 to 2013

Gross Domestic Product Per Capita in Europe Since UK Joined the EU
The GDP per Capita figure is essentially the countries GDP (Gross Domestic Product) divided by the number of its inhabitants.
This indicator is commonly used to estimate a country’s real wealth status.
The following chart shows the GDP per Capita