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Income Tax Rates in Scotland

Scottish Income Tax Rates

From April 2017, the income tax rates and bands payable by Scottish taxpayers will be those set by the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish rates and bands will then be set annually by the Scottish Parliament.

The New British £1 Coin

The new 12-sided £1 Coin is classed as the most secure coin in the world, made with a number of features that make it much more difficult to counterfeit.

This new coin becomes legal tender on 28th March 2017.

EU Citizens in UK and Guarantees for Future after Brexit

Should the UK Guarantee EU Citizen rights to stay in UK even though the EU can’t do so yet.

Sir Edward Leigh said: “It seems to me we might as well acknowledge this fact now whilst reserving the right – if in the extremely unlikely possibility of our EU partners deporting any UK citizens – which they won’t for the same practical reasons – we can change our minds, but let’s at least reassure these people now.”

Regions of England

England is divided into Nine different regions with Population Densities varying between 221.95 and 5,199.7 people per sq km, although averaging 406.6 people per sq km.

Queen Elizabeth II – Grandfathers

King Egbert (Ecgberht) (802 – 839) was the 34th great-grandfather of Queen Elizabeth II
King Cnut (Canute) (1016 – 1035) was the husband of the 27th great-grandaunt of Queen Elizabeth II
King William I The Conqueror (1066 – 1087) was the 25th great-grandfather of Queen Elizabeth II
King Henry VIII (1509 – 1547) was the 12th great-granduncle of Queen Elizabeth II