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Japanese Citizenship 5 Year Residence Rule

Japanese Citizenship 5 Year Residence Rule

Becoming a Citizen of Japan is not easy, and requires a specific residence requirement, together with Language skills and sufficient income.
You are required to have a valid visa (Status of Residence) from the Immigration Bureau of Japan at the time of application and you must have been living in Japan for at least 5 years.

Working Holiday Visa in Japan

Japan Working Holiday Visa Japan provides the Working Holiday visa program for young people (Normally ages 18-30) who want to holiday and work in Japan for up to a year, or 18 months in some cases. The countries that are able to get places for these Visas are currently listed as: Australia (ages 18-25) Canada …

Japan Population

Japan is said to be experiencing a downturn in population, with some reports saying that the population could drop by 30% by the year 2060, when over 40% of the population will be over 65 years of age. These are the latest census figures and estimates from 2010 128,057,352 2010 Official Census October 1st (51.3% …

Fukushima two years after the nuclear crisis

Two years ago on the 11th March 2011, the devastating earthquake, and the resulting tsunami struck Japan, and this resulted in the Fukushima nuclear crisis. 48 out of Japan’s 50 nuclear reactors have remained offline since that then, due to the debate over the future of nuclear energy. Ceremonies took place in the three worst-hit …