Brexit would be reversed if EU referendum was held again

Brexit would be reversed if EU referendum was held again

According to a Google Survey with 44,681 responses, from England, Scotland, Wales and N. Irelend, Brexit would be reversed if the referendum on EU membership was held again.

Some 51.2% would vote to Remain and 48.8% opt to Leave, the research for the Daily Mirror suggests.


However, how accurate is that poll?

The survey took the views of 0.065% of the English Population, and 0.081% of the Scottish Population, so the results would weigh more towards the Scottish view of Remain than the English view of Leave.

England makes up 84.03% of the UK population, but only 82.56% of this survey total.
Scotland makes up 8.31% of the UK population, but 10.19% of this survey total.

A difference large enough to alter the survey result if correct proportion of survey respondents was used.

Results of the Poll based on each Country in the UK might give a better indication.

Brexit Change of Mind

The Change of Peoples minds in that survey included:

13.5% of previous Leave voters would now vote Remain.
9.3% of previous Remain voters would now vote Leave.

Actual Brexit Referendum Results by Country, for the Leave Vote.

53.4% England
52.5% Wales
38.0% Scotland
44.2% N Ireland

51.9% Total Leave and 48.1% Total Remain

Some actual changes shown by this Survey are:

London was 40.1% Leave, but now 39.2% Leave. Down 0.9
Manchester was 39.6% Leave, but now 36.7% Leave. Down 2.9
Birmingham was 50.4% Leave, but now 46.7% Leave. Down 3.7
Edinburgh was 25.6% Leave, but now 30.1% Leave. Up 4.5
Glasgow was 33.4% Leave, but now 34.8% Leave. Up 1.4

This is actually showing that Scotland is moving more towards Leave, while England is moving more towards Remain, at least in the main Cities.

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