Average UK House Prices by Location and Type in 2017

Average UK House Prices by Location and Type in 2017

The average price of a house in the UK was £222,293 in August 2017

But prices vary depending on the Type of House and the Area. The area often creates a price based on demand, and the bigger the demand the higher the prices. You can buy a house for £66,779 in Lancashire, but if you prefer London, then you are looking at more like £600,000.

Average House Prices in Lancashire

£161,166 Lancashire (All)

£270,403 Detached Houses in Lancashire
£154,481 Semi-detached Houses in Lancashire
£103,859 Terraced Houses in Lancashire

£ 66,779 Nelson, Lancashire
£397,250 Rivington, Lancashire

Average House Prices in Kent

£338,620 Kent (All)

£350,654 Semi-detached Houses in Kent
£291,536 Terraced properties in Kent
£231,978 flats in Kent

£166,646 Queenborough, Kent
£851,059 Ightham, Kent

Average House Prices in Northumberland

£… tba .. Northumberland (All)

£310,425 Detached Houses in Northumberland
£156,574 Semi-detached Houses in Northumberland
£133,076 Terraced properties in Northumberland

£ 84,404 Newbiggin-By-The-Sea, Northumberland
£584,277 Darras Hall, Northumberland

Average House Prices in Surrey

£523,542 Surrey (All)

£505,440 Terraced Houses in Surrey
£535,724 Semi-detached Houses in Surrey
£339,994 Flats in Surrey

£2,028,698 Wentworth, Surrey
£315,259 Deepcut, Surrey

Average House Prices in London

£609,776 London (All)

£664,006 Terraced Houses in London
£650,350 Semi-detached Houses
£534,469 Flats in London

£453,148 East London
£1,678,743 Central London

Average House Prices in

£161,166 Lancashire
£163,183 Merseyside
£184,970 Greater Manchester
£232,773 Cheshire
£335,319 East Sussex
£338,620 Kent
£359,224 West Sussex
£415,694 Berkshire
£523,542 Surrey
£609,776 London

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Low Cost Housing in the UK 2017

Average house prices in:

£66,779 Nelson, Lancashire
£70,311 Burnley, Lancashire
£74,687 East Ayrshire, Scotland
£75,442 Blaenau Gwent, South Wales
£76,432 Pendle, Lancashire
£77,523 Na h-Eileanan Siar, Scotland
£82,162 North Ayrshire, Scotland
£83,195 West Dunbartonshire, Scotland
£83,273 North Lanarkshire, Scotland
£85,537 Hyndburn, Lancashire
£85,812 County Durham, Durham

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