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Japanese Citizenship 5 Year Residence Rule

Japanese Citizenship 5 Year Residence Rule

Becoming a Citizen of Japan is not easy, and requires a specific residence requirement, together with Language skills and sufficient income.
You are required to have a valid visa (Status of Residence) from the Immigration Bureau of Japan at the time of application and you must have been living in Japan for at least 5 years.

Income Tax Rates in Scotland

Scottish Income Tax Rates

From April 2017, the income tax rates and bands payable by Scottish taxpayers will be those set by the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish rates and bands will then be set annually by the Scottish Parliament.

PrtScreen Key Stopped Working

How to fix the Print Screen key when it stops working

Have you ever had the situation where you press the PrtScreen key but nothing happens. You go to paste into MS Paint, or other programs, what you thought was in memory, and there is nothing there.

Domain Hosting Costs at May 2017

Domain Hosting Costs in May 2017

Most hosts offer special pricing for new customers, but Introductory prices apply to just the first term.

The following examples show costs ranging from initial $2.98 per month rising to $12.95 on renewal. These options will give you an idea of what is available by looking around and comparing.

Universal Credit replaces Child Tax Credit

How does Universal Credit affect the Child Benefit portion

If all your children were born before 6 April 2017

You get the child element for all your children.

If one or more of your children were born on or after 6 April 2017

You could get the child element of Child Tax Credit for up to 2 children. You might get the child element for more children if exceptions apply.

April Fools Stories 2017

Since at least as early as 1392, the date of the 1st April has been used as “April Fools Day”.

It has also been common for the “April Fool pranks and stories” to only be applied until 12 midday on the 1st April, and never any earlier than the 1st April itself.

The New British £1 Coin

The new 12-sided £1 Coin is classed as the most secure coin in the world, made with a number of features that make it much more difficult to counterfeit.

This new coin becomes legal tender on 28th March 2017.