Aug 07 2009

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Top Schools in Queensland

Information taken from last years (2008) National School tests show the following Queensland schools as the best performing schools in Queensland

Top Ten Primary schools in Queensland.

Top Ten Senior schools in Queensland.

Fees quoted are the base fee for the 2009 school year, before incidental and other costs.

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  1. Elle

    Hi,I am a former student and am just wondering why Varsity College is not on there? It was elected by the QLD Government for the 5 years of 2009-2013 as the best school in QLD?

    I distinctly remember hearing this from our principle and a representative (and such things as if any parents enquire about the best school in QLD, they are automatically referred to VC), so why is there no mention of this? for either Primary or Senior? we may not have had the best NAPLAN or OP scores, but there is a reason this school was chosen. It was far superior to other Gold Coast school.

    Another note, this is a PUBLIC school but the fees for senior school were $450ish in 2012 for the senior school, plus other fees such as specialty excursions and the 1-to-1 laptop program.

    Any parents looking at schools, i attended for 9 years (4 through 12) and is a great school, for more reason then their academics. There in no tolerance for bullying or cheating, and are so helpful if you attend TAFE during your years or have any personal trouble or other commitments (i.e. training competitively for sports. My friend was allowed 2 years to complete yr12 due to this)

  2. Kerryia

    Hello, I have recently moved to brisbane (redlands) Birkdale QLD 4159. I have a young girl who I am wanting to put into early learning. any suggestions where I am in the catchment area, also primary and high school (planning the future) thank you kindly.

    1. ABCDiamond

      Birkdale is a nice area, right next to Wellington Point, and therefore convenient for either.

      Child Care in Birkdale

      • Bay Cottage Early Learning Centre, Birkdale 07 3822 4444
      • Bay View Early Learning Centre 1 & 2, Birkdale 07 3822 8888
      • Birkdale Little Ducks Childcare, Birkdale 07 3822 5933
      • Birkdale South Children’s Centre, Birkdale 07 3822 2451
      • Full Of Beans Child Care Centre, Birkdale 07 3822 4633
      • Mary Street Child Care Centre, Birkdale 07 3822 4330


      Child Care in Wellington Point

      • Educare On Anson / Anson Road Child Care, Wellington Point 07 3822 1799
      • Wellington Point Child Care Centre, Wellington Point 07 3822 4699
      • Wellington Point Day Care Centre, Wellington Point 07 3822 2224
      • Wellington Point Early Learning Centre, Wellington Point 07 3822 5222


      No personal experience of these though. My own child is in High school now, but has friends in Birkdale in area.

  3. Kristy

    Hello, can anyone tell me ‘What are the Best Primary Schools in Briabane???’ I will be moving to Brisbane at the end of the year and my little girl will start prep next year!! Your help would be much appreciated, as I have really no idea. I have been looking at Ironside State School in St Lucia?? I hope to hear from you and that you can please help me!! Thankyou

  4. jia

    Can anyone please tell what are the top primary schools in brisbane?

  5. QASMT Student

    Queensland Academy for Science Mathematics and Technology achieved 46.5% OP1 equivalents last year. I believe you should give our school a little credit for being one of the best schools in Queensland. We achieved a higher rank than B.B.C. (our neighbouring school)and many other fine schools. Just because we run the IB curriculum doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be ranked. I’m sure my school should be one of the top three if not the number one on the list. If you didn’t know, we still take the Queensland testings and get more OP1’s than many schools in the state!

    1. ABCDiamond

      I think that this academy may not be included in normal rankings due to the following:

      • The Academy only accepts students in Years 10, 11 and 12.
      • The Academy did not take part in NAPLAN tests, as far as I can tell
      • Students must pass a Higher Ability Selection Test to be allowed entry to the Academy

      It would therefore appear that the students at this QASMT must already be above average, from prior schooling, to be allowed entry to the academy.

      The schools listed on the above post are either Primary Schools (Prep to Year 6 or 7) or Senior Schools (Year 7 or 8 to Year 12), and have results from the NAPLAN testing available.
      The QASMT appears to be in none of those options, and would need to be listed in a third category of selective schools for years 10 to 12 only.

      If I can locate similar schools I will try to compare QASMT with them.

  6. A. M. Dovrat

    Can any one suggest which are the best primary schools in the Gold Coast?

    1. ABCDiamond

      I have no direct knowledge of schools on the Gold coast, but I have been reading up on this, and found a school worth looking at, if Private is in your choices, the Queensland Independent College. The 2011 school fees were $3,000 for the year, and had 49 students with 5 teachers, in 2010.

      My rankings by different methods, showing the top 5 are:
      By 2010 Student to Teacher ratio:

      10.9 Queensland Independent College, Merrimac Private
      13.2 Somerset College, Mudgeeraba Private
      13.7 All Saints Anglican School, Merrimac Private
      15.3 Burleigh Heads State School, Burleigh Heads State
      15.4 King’s Christian College, Reedy Creek Private

      My ranking on Naplan results:

      117.6% Somerset College, Mudgeeraba Private
      110.1% Hillcrest Christian College, Reedy Creek Private
      108.8% All Saints Anglican School, Merrimac Private
      104.9% King’s Christian College, Reedy Creek Private
      102.1% Varsity College, Varsity Lakes State

      Note that this is just my opinion, based purely on my interpretation of the NAPLAN 2010 results.

  7. ABCDiamond

    Anglican Church Grammar School (Churchie) is one of many QLD schools that achieved at least 95% of students at or above the National Minimum Standard benchmark, in EVERY subject and in EVERY year tested, in the Naplan 2009 results.

    They are therefore classed as being in the “High Levels of Performance” class of the NAPLAN 2009 tests.


    They also made it to position 5 in the primary results for 2010

  8. Adam Sas

    Anglican church grammar school?

  9. ABCDiamond

    All the above school fees were as at 2009, an example of current 2011 fees are:

    Brisbane Grammar Annual Tuition Fees for 2011 are:
    $15,195 Years 6 and 7
    $18,270 Years 8 to 12

    Brisbane Girls Grammar for 2011
    $17,480 Years 8 to 12

    Both of these show an increase of about 17% over the 2 years 2009 to 2011.

  10. d

    Brisbane grammar fees are $18,270.00. it is wrong on your website

  11. jassy

    Peace Lutheran Primary School Gatton is a good school but it is probly to small and uncommen for it to be on there but it is an amazing chool!


  12. Nikki

    Isn’t MacGregor State School of of the top primary schools in Queensland? They have the best marks in NAPLAN and ICAS.

  13. Steven

    what about queensland academy? queensland academy for science, math & technology beat brisbane grammar this year in everything except sports. Why didn’t anyone mention them?

  14. tia

    please put proserpine state high school on here i really want to go there but my parents won’t let me so i need to prove its an ok school!

  15. nicola

    hello my name is nicky but i see you haven’t got ashmore state primary school i know it may not be perfect but you should just ask our princibal how good our school is and youll defently agree with me

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