Jun 27 2010

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Average Water Use in Australia

Average Water Use and Cost In Australia

Average Australian water and sewerage bills for 2011-2012

Annual $  –  Council area

Figures based on a three person household using 180 litres per person per day, equivalent to 200 kilolitres per year, and supplied by the Queensland Water Commission www.qwc.qld.gov.au

Average Australian daily residential water use (litres per person per day)
July 2010 to June 2011

  • 163 Litres. All South East Queensland
  • 139 Litres. Central SEQ
  • 183 Litres. Gold Coast
  • 115 Litres. Scenic Rim
  • 172 Litres. Redland
  • 179 Litres. Sunshine Coast



Australian Water Costs vary by each state and /or water authority.

An Example of Water Prices in 2016-17, for the ACT.

$101.48 Annual Fixed Fee for Water Supply
$529.38 Annual Fixed Fee for Sewerage
$ 2.61 per kL for the first 548 litres per day
$ 5.24 per kL for the excess over 548 litres per day

This, when calculated for a family using 500 litres per day, would be: $1,107 per year
or, if using 900 litres per day would be: $1,721 per year

A similar charge for one of the Queensland water suppliers would be:

500 litres per day would be: $   859 per year
900 litres per day would be: $1,455 per year

Confusion can arise when looking at the Queensland water charges as a local authority water supply charge may be quoted as:
Up to 74kL per quarter $0.26 per kL

That is substantially lower than the $2.61 per kL quoted by the first example from the ACT.
However, the QLD state governent make a seperate charge of over $2 per kL

Water usage

The amount of water that the average Australian uses for residential purposes has been changing over the years, especially during the drought periods.

Various previous figures are available, and include:


493 Litres Average Water Use – Australia. Per person per day


Litres per day consumption, per person.

455 Adelaide
501 Brisbane
444 Canberra
348 Gold Coast
378 Melbourne
430 Newcastle
408 Perth
414 Sydney

These figures have been corrected figures for Litres per day following comment by Tim Laidler.



Perth: 280 Litres Average Water Use. Per person per day http://www.watercorporation.com.au/d/dams_storage.cfm



The Riverina Water County Council in NSW quotes: “The current average daily water consumption is 340 litres per person, or 900 litres per household” and gives this breakdown of the average daily Household use:

12 litres Toilet flush (single flush cistern)
100 litres Bath
200 litres Shower (10 minutes)
50 litres Dishwasher load
150 litres Washing machine load
5 litres Brushing teeth with tap running
10 litres Drinking, cooking, cleaning per person per day
5 litres Hand basin per use
1000 litres Garden sprinkler per hour
4 litres Garden dripper per hour
200 litres Car Washing with hose
100 litres Hosing driveway
900 litres Total daily consumption per household
7 - 13,456

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  1. ABCDiamond

    On average, each person in Sydney uses about 297 litres of water a day. This amount is worked out by adding all the water used in Sydney and dividing it by the population.

    Taken from http://www.sydneywater.com.au/sw/teachers-students/facts-about-water/primary-students/how-do-we-use-water/water-use-in-sydney/index.htm in April 2016

  2. Kira Bowing

    What about the 2011 water usage because i need it for my science assignment ASAP!!!!!!

    by the way….. Radford Rocks!!!!!!

  3. Tim Laidler

    I just looked at http://www.environment.gov.au/soe/2006/publications/drs/indicator/335/index.html

    and the 2004 data is misrepresented here, the data is actually Kilolitres per person per year, taking Sydney for example the data is not 151 Litres per person per day it is in fact 151,000 Litres per person per year, translating as 413.4 Litres per person per day.

  4. Jenifer Bulken


    1. ABCDiamond

      According to Sydney Water, the “IDEAL” average usage should be about 542 litres per day for a 4 person household. The numbers vary from about 239 litres per day for a single person household to around 689 litres per day for a six person household.

      A report at http://www.dreamingparramatta.com.au states: “the average water consumption per person per day is 350Litres”. This should cover your area.

      However, households in Kiama, on the NSW south coast, use the least amount of water at about 430 litres per day, per household.

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