Sep 14 2009

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ALDI in Western Australia

As the ALDI supermarket has become very popular on the East Coast of Australia, many shoppers from the Perth area, in Western Australia, have become envious of the better pricing that ALDI has to offer, compared to the competition.

Consequently, a petition has now been started to persuade ALDI to open stores in Western Australia.

This petition can be seen at: www.gopetition.com.au/petitions/bring-aldi-supermarkets-to-perth/signatures.html

Add your weight to the campaign, and maybe share the benefits.

1 - 6,259

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  1. colin skelton

    Being from Scotland i shop in Aldi’s on a daily basis.Its funny i was having a conversation with family in Rockingham today. Who stated if they had a local Aldi they would never need to shop anywhere else..

  2. annette kemp

    bring aldi to midvale western australia. they would do a booming trade. we need more competition as we only have coles.woolies and iga

  3. Karen

    Want to gift the Aldi coffee machine as a housewarming pressie to relative in Albany, bit pointless when they can’t buy the coffee pods!!!! Come on hurry up and move into Albany/Mt Barker don’t mind which!

  4. ripped off

    sick and tired of being ripped off by coles/woolworths. the range is ever shrinking and the prices are bordering on theft. they offer soggy cheap tasting coleslaw for over $20 a kilo! (you HAVE to buy a minimum of $4 worth of this muck, assuming you want any at all) and there is NO alternative. no other brands available in store, just their home made pap, made with old ingredients out the back. what an almighty swindle.
    why did aldi say in 2009 they will not expand into WA? struck a deal with the govt perhaps? yeah you can have a couple outlets in nsw qld and vic but in perth you would offer serious competition to the big two as geographically, WA people live only in one town…perth.

    1. ABCDiamond

      I doubt if they struck any deal on this with the government, but in July 2009 ALDI did say: “We are not interested in moving into Western Australia in the short-to-medium term.”

      Maybe once they are large enough to cover the additional costs of distribution for WA, they may move that way.

      In 2008 it was Tasmania complaining that they had no ALDI stores, with statements like this: “Brighton Councillor Leigh Gray has today called on the State Government to explain what action it had taken to attempt to lure the ALDI supermarket chain to Tasmania.” Unfortunately, it seems they are also still waiting..

  5. Alex

    I’ve been suspicious of IGAs motivations in WA ever since they campaigned really hard AGAINST Sunday trading when it went to a referendum. Not once person I spoke to realised that IGA were the only supermarket that open on a Sunday, so they were basically campaigning against the possibility of competition.

    Some more competition in the grocery market wouldn’t hurt because the grocery bills have increased significantly for me. Most of it was on the back of the foreign exchange rate and rises in oil prices but as usual prices went up fast but they never really seem to come back down again.

  6. basil moloney

    support iga australian co australian employer .money and profits stay in our country.really does not require brain surgery. what has germany done for this counyry.

    1. ABCDiamond

      An interesting point, but how accurate is it ?

      IGA are a group of independent shops, each owned by individuals.
      How many IGA stores are owned by migrant individuals who also send part of their profits overseas to support their families in their home country? I mention this as I do know one that does. There is nothing wrong with this, in fact it shows great family connectivity, but to make a statement that all profits stay in this country, well… not quite black and white after all.

      IGA (Independent Grocers Alliance) was founded in America in 1926 and represents an alliance between wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers. IGA became the vehicle for protecting and strengthening the relationship of the three players against the growth of the chain stores.

      Wholly owned by Metcash Limited (Metcash), IGA Distribution is the group’s largest business pillar.

      Metcash, who supply IGA, Foodland, Foodworks, 7-Eleven, Lucky 7, BP and several liquor retailers, made A$241.4 million profits in 2011, and A$199.4m (over 80%) was paid out to Australian and International shareholders.

      ALDI Australia is also an Australian employer, pays Tax in Australia on its profits, and is busy re-investing its profits in more Australian shops and employing more Australians.

      Distribution of Profits:
      ALDI: 2009 Profit $91.9m all reinvested back in its Australian Business.
      IGA: 2011 Profit $241.4m most of which was paid to its Investors both here and overseas.

      One common complaint about ALDI is that they “Dominate small retailers”
      IGA has over 1,300 shops in its chain, since 1988.
      ALDI has over 200 shops in its chain, since 2001.

      My question is: How can the 200+ ALDI shops, with their distribution chain, DOMINATE IGA with their 1,300+ shops and an even larger distribution chain.

  7. wren

    what troubles me is that it is a big chain store…which means more and more small businesses are affected in drastic ways.


    I’m here from near five years have lived in PERTH Western Australia.I tried and I’m looking for to contact and invite main Aldi Community to PERTH to have big business with them. I Really wishing that there an Aldi store or stores over here As the ALDI supermarket has become very popular on the East Coast of Australia, many shoppers from the Perth area, in Western Australia, have become competition.

  9. Errin Piukala

    Lived in Sydney my whole life, but the past two years have lived in Western Australia. Really wishing that there was an Aldi store or stores over here. Why isn’t there? Most other states have Aldi Stores. What’s the reason that it’s not here yet. I loved shopping at Aldi, not only is it affordable but the products are FANTASTIC! And I also worked for Aldi too. PLEASE bring your stores over here, I know families would really benifit from shopping at Aldi stores.

  10. william.j.De wit

    i believe we should have aldi in wa to give us more choice and competion with the bigger stores’s
    we also have a great number of pensioners who would benefit from lower prices.

  11. Raj Malik

    Having lived in Germany for 3 years and in NSW for 5 years always enjoyed shopping with Aldi. For the last 6 years we are missing this fantastic store. Wish we could have Aldi in Western Australia not only in Perth but in Albany as well.

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