A Green Mind or a Blue Mind ?

An excerpt from a wikipedia page

  • Green jokes — Dirty jokes (subsequently, to be “green-minded” is to have a dirty mind, e.g. always giving sexual connotations to everything). Loan translation from Spanish “chistes verdes.” By contrast, it’s interesting that in standard usage the term “blue” means “obscene” or “pornographic” and is used in terms such as: “blue jokes”; “blue films”; “blue movies”; and “blue stories.”

It appears that “chistes verdes”, from the Spanish, translates to Green Jokes, and refers to the same as the English term Blue Jokes.

Also shown at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argentine_humour as Green Jokes (obscene sex-related jokes).


So….  back to politics….  what do the Spanish speakers think of the Green Party ??


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